cracker23 10:24 14 Jan 2003
  cracker23 10:24 14 Jan 2003

can anyone tell me what it means if your cpu has been clocked? apparantly mine has!!!

  kchakrak 10:28 14 Jan 2003

jus means wot speed it goes

  nightporter 10:53 14 Jan 2003

It means altering the FSB, and other things in Bios, letting the CPU run at a higher speed. If your lucky you may get a few more Mhz, but more likely the CPU will fry, I accidently fried one in seconds. The potential gain is, in my opinion, not worth it.

  Gemma 10:56 14 Jan 2003

It is possible, given the motherboard and BIOS support it, to run the processor faster than the rate it was sold as. This is overclocking. The manufacturers test each unit to see at what speed it will run reliably (within some design and manufacturing limits)and package it for sale. With 35 million transistors on the chip and a difficult process, this improves yield, price and profit.

HOWEVER, overclocking can kill the chip (faster equals hotter) and makes the warranty VOID.

If you are interested, take a look at this click here

  Gemma 21:00 14 Jan 2003

If it is clocked and it has been running OK, then it is likely to continue to run OK.

If they are going to die they generally die fast....

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