Clocking a 2.8 Athlon & Nvidia AGP card

  [DELETED] 14:15 25 Jun 2006

I would like to clock my system, but need advice on how to do it so as to improve performance whilst keeping reliability ?
Spec is:-
2.8 Mhx Athlon on a Gigabyte GA-7N400L board(Nvidia, Nforce2 chipset, SocketA /AGP 8x)

1 Ghz Memory - (2 x 512 184-PIN DIMM 64MX64 DDR 3200)

Club GeForce 6600 Video Card - (NV43 300Mhz CPU, 256Mb DDR 128 Bit)

Any suggestions ?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:19 25 Jun 2006

My suggestion - leave it as it is!

The reason is that you will see a limited result for reglar use - only theoretical benchmarks will show anything.

Take a look at and their tune-up tests.

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