Clock time all over the place

  Brucemac 12:39 09 May 2003

18 month old PC, AMD2K, XP home. Keep having to reset time, sometimes keeps up, sometimes loses time often out by about 30 mins. Mystified

  _Treb_ 12:43 09 May 2003

Just a guess but maybe you should consider putting a new MoBo battery in. Only a couple of quid.

your battery is probably running low, get a new one.

  Brucemac 12:45 09 May 2003

Sounds logical captain, would that be one of those tiny ones and would it sit somewhere on the motherboard ?

  graham√ 13:02 09 May 2003

Yep. Get a new one before you take the old one out, though.

  DieSse 14:21 09 May 2003

If it lose time when the system is switched off, then the most likely cause is the battery. If it loses time when the system is running - it is most definately NOT the battery - which plays no part in keeping the time when the OS is running.

XP has an automatic time synchroniser, via the web - make sure it's enabled - it's specifically to correct the clock, which is notoriously prone to being affected by some software in the system.

  Bagsey 14:50 09 May 2003

That is very interesting. Does this synchroniser do the time check automatically when I go on line or do I need to take some other action.

  -pops- 14:54 09 May 2003

Double click on the clock in the sys tray and then click on the "Internet Time" tab. All will be revealed.

  Bagsey 15:50 09 May 2003

Thanks for that info. You learn something everyday. Wonderful things computers.

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