clock running slow

  User-5F8D69BB-1E64-44F4-862FDEC4EC0E264F 14:41 07 Oct 2005

my clock started running 4- 6hrs slow after being switched off overnight. changed battery but still does same, ok if left switched on overnight. is this a sign of another problem? using win me.

  Cuddles 14:46 07 Oct 2005

Although you have changed battery did you think to check it first,it is not unusual to get a duff one.

  Gongoozler 16:49 07 Oct 2005

When you switch the computer off overnight, do you also switch off at the mains? When the mains is left on, the CMOS and clock are kept alive by the 5V standby supply, when it's off the battery supplies the power. If the computer clock only loses time when the mains is off, then I think Cuddles is right and the replacement battery is a dud. Otherwise the problem is probably in the motherboard itself.

thanks for the advice, but having changed the battery twice I still have the same problem. If I switch of(after shutdown) at the mains the clock loses hours overnight, but not if I leave mains on. Does this mean motherboard is on the way out?.

  Gongoozler 12:53 09 Oct 2005

Hi Newuser1418. The only components involved in keeping the time other than the battery are on the motherboard. The implication therefore is that there is a faulty motherboard component. If you aren't getting any CMOS errors then the computer may well keep going for years without changing the motherboard, however for the home user there is nothing that will cure the problem other than changing the motherboard. Depending on what processor you have, this may not necessarily be very expensive - if you feel that the job is within your capabilities.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:54 09 Oct 2005

Assuming not another US battery, it means that the connction from the battery holder to the CMOS chip is high resistance.

Could be corrosion on the battery holder terminls or a "dry joint" on one of the solder connections.

The motherbord should continue to work perfectly well as long as you leave the PC conneted to the mains.

Thanks guys. The computer is nearly five years old so I guess I may as well have a go at putting together a new one. I've been thinking about it for some time. I'll use this one to experiment with Linux.

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