Clock problem - if not battery, what else?

  Shas 18:20 24 May 2004

Posted a thread a while back about my clock jumping back a complete hour from time to time. Was advised to replace battery, which I did. Ok for a while, then it started happening again and was advised to change the setting in the BIOS.

That cured it again for a while but it's started doing it again, twice in the last week.

If it's not the battery, what else could be causing it. Would appreciate any advice. (98 SE)

  €dstowe 18:31 24 May 2004

Check the jumpers associated with the clock and BIOS reset. Did you alter these when you were changing the BIOS? It could be that the jumper is left in the short circuit position which will, in effect, cause the clock to malfunction.

  Mikè 18:31 24 May 2004

Can't rememeber but has 98 got an internet time feature, if it has have you set the correct time zone.

  Shas 18:47 24 May 2004

Thanks €dstowe and Mikè:

All I did was to change the actual time in the BIOS, I didn't touch anything else. Should I have done?

In control panel > regional settings it's set to UK, but even if it was set to the wrong time zone, isn't it still weird that it jumps back a complete hour whatever zone it was set to?

  woodchip 19:06 24 May 2004

You may have a faulty board. You could try a BIOS update

  Mikè 19:14 24 May 2004

Well under xp the clock is synchronised with a time server over the internet, obviously if the time zone was wrongly set...

Wasn't sure wether 98se did something similar.

  woodchip 19:17 24 May 2004

PS try double click the clock in task bar make sure it's set to GMT London

If replacing the battery worked for a while, check the voltage of the current battery.If it is down then something may be shorting out.You could try replacing the battery again, and if the problem is solved check the voltage regularly and note what it is if the time starts jumping again. It is possible that your replacement battery was faulty.

  €dstowe 19:45 24 May 2004

To answer your question to me, no.

It is fairly common to get faulty batteries and even be sold used ones (if they are bought loose). So, try as ELECTRON99 suggests as well as the other ideas.


  Shas 08:38 25 May 2004

Thanks guys, haven't been ignoring you, I went home from work at 7pm but back in now.

In no particular order:

Yes, I'm set to GMT and the only places I found to change settings on 98SE is via control panel, the clock in the system tray or the bios.

The battery was a Duracell bubble pack, still within its use-by date, (although that doesn't necessarily mean it still wasn't duff I know.)

Checking battery voltage - is there something within Windows that shows you that or do you have to get one of those things that you clip on to the actual battery?

BIOS update? eeek! Wouldn't know the first thing to do, but my neighbour is a computer techie so I might bribe him with a bottle of Australia's finest to do it for me.

I appreciate your help and in the meantime will get another battery and try that. Thanks all.

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