Clock and date on homepage get better S.E Position

  erkmatrix 15:57 16 Nov 2004

Would having a clock and date on my homepage that would change daily have any effect on search engine positioning?

I am working on a site and the web design company say that they will submit it to 8000 locations including the major search engines, yahoo, google, ask jeeves etc but of cause thats doesn't mean anything if the position is not in top 2 pages at least really,would been submitted to so many places affect a position on say google?

I've looked through all the info in the past threads regarding search engine submission and found some real good tips. But would like some advice on the above questions

  erkmatrix 16:49 16 Nov 2004

Sorry for being thick here but how do you get ranking if you don't orginally submit to a search engine, I mean don't you have to submit yourself to get a position.

No the company I'm using don't charge a fortune for the submission , its all part of the deal.

Is it worth looking into sponsored links aslo on google, I must admit I do tend to look at them when searching for stuff quite a lot or are they too expensive 22:57 16 Nov 2004

my site to any search engines at all, but it gradually made it to number one and has always been in the top few placings of most engines for the last couple of years.

If all these schemes they advertise worked, we would all be number one! Not worth paying for, unless you go big time, which can be expensive.

Good luck, Whiz...

  Forum Editor 23:24 16 Nov 2004

that you ask your web design company politely but firmly not to submit your site to 8000 search engines under any circumstances. There aren't 8000 engines worth a light out there, in fact there aren't even 1000 worth wasting a moment's time on. The net result of this 8000 engine submission would almost certainly be a deluge of spam swamping your inbox, because in many cases 'search engine' is a euphemism for "Spam database". These so-called engines visit your site, strip out any email hyperlinks and add them to a list which they sell on to spammers. If you're getting the impression that I'm a tad cynical on this subject you would be absolutely right, it's the voice of bitter experience speaking.

My advice is to listen to the others who have responded here - don't submit your site to anyone. The big engines will find you soon enough, and a little patience will be its own reward - in a few weeks you'll see your site being returned in searches.

As for that clock/date......I wouldn't bother, it will do nothing to enhance your search ranking.

  erkmatrix 13:12 17 Nov 2004


Can I just check if this is what I should do

1. Have a title that explains the site not index.htlm

2. Not too many keywords but important ones that explain the site and include these words on the homepage, don't over do this though.

3. Do not link to other sites pages apart from their homepage.

4. Make sure all works on the site.

5. Update the site regular, by text change or image.

6. Make sure first few lines of your description descibe the site well.

7. Heading H1 should match the Title

Also don't bother with a date and clock and to tell the web design firm to forget the 8000 different locations, have found out its not search engines, they said they submit to 50 top search engines and 8000 locations , but I only want to be on as you say the most major one, google and maybe yahoo.

Right so I tell them not to submit my site and what do I exactly do then , just nothing and these search engine spiders find my site. Not quite sure how this works. Or do I have to do something, sorry just got slighlty confused what is meant by people who say they did nothing and got to number 1 position.

  Forum Editor 21:56 17 Nov 2004

that your site is running as smoothly as possible. Ensure that all hyperlinks are working properly, that your navigation system is neat and effective and don't worry unduly about meta tags. The search engines will find you and list you - it may take a while, but it will happen; the big engines will visit your site and index it.

Your ranking depends on several things. If you have the only site on the web that deals with the psychology of albino ferrets you'll find yourself at the top of the list in search returns. Publish a site that deals with Angelina Jolie's acting prowess and you'll be number 10,000. Work at your content, and keep your site updated regularly and often and with luck you'll see yourself gradually climb the ladder.

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