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Clipboard in Vista Home

  anniesboy68 12:09 11 Nov 2008

Could some kind person tell me how I access the clipboard in Vista, please.

  anniesboy68 15:26 11 Nov 2008

Thanks, I have a cptr running XP [always useful] and will do as you suggest. Ab68

  hssutton 15:57 11 Nov 2008

Although the clipboard is available within Vista it remains unseen.

"You can copy or move information such as text and pictures between files and programs in Windows using a temporary storage space called the Clipboard. The Clipboard is not visible, so keep in mind that even though you use the Clipboard to copy and paste information between files, you will never actually see the Clipboard when you do so."

  anniesboy68 16:40 11 Nov 2008

Thanks. AB68

  anniesboy68 16:51 11 Nov 2008

Found it in System 32

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