clip art missing

  flopsy88 19:41 16 Feb 2010

Hi All I went to email my niece in Microsft Office.

I normally add little bits of clip art in the message , but I have hardly any clip art in the application. When I went to snow up came one pic, dog, one pic etc. Anyone have any idea what has happenned. I have an Acer laptop. Thanks

  Technotiger 19:44 16 Feb 2010

Loads to choose from here ...

click here

  Technotiger 19:51 16 Feb 2010

and here click here

  flopsy88 19:57 16 Feb 2010

Reply thanks TechnoTiger

I know there are lots of clip art here, I should of said that I have office 2007 and I had plenty of clip art in this application. My point is they are all gone just a few left. I was able wo write to my niece with little pictures now there is none as such.

  wiz-king 21:05 16 Feb 2010

There is almost no clipart in Office 2007 - you can download it to your clipart folder but is is fairly sparce as supplied.

  flopsy88 21:56 16 Feb 2010

Thank you wiz-king

I been downloading some since Technotiger mentioned it

I had enough little clip arts to email my niece but as I said they are all gone.

Thanks to you and Technotiger for your input. I appreciate it...Lori

  Technotiger 22:01 16 Feb 2010

Our pleasure - thanks for your feedback.

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