Clicking Western Digital Media External Hard Drive

  Angry Kid 08:13 22 Aug 2010

Morning everyone,

Please can someone help me.

Yesterday I noticed that my drive was not functioning correctly and have now checked out the WD website for answers and think I have a drive failure.

However, when switching on the drive I get a faint clicking noise and cant turn off the unit in the normal manner except by removing the power. The drive is also not recognised in My Computer running XP.

Is anyone able to confirm my fears or recommend any software / procedure to recover my files?

Thanks as always.

Angry ;-)

  rawprawn 08:17 22 Aug 2010

Sounds as though it is defunct, can you see it in Control Panel > Admin Tools > Computer management > Disk Management?

  Nontek 08:18 22 Aug 2010

I think your fears are probably correct - clicking is not a good sign!

Forewarned is forearmed!

  Angry Kid 09:43 22 Aug 2010


Thank you for your postings.

rawprawn.. Have followed your instructions and I cant see the drive.

Any ideas how I now go about trying to recover my data?

Angry ;-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:48 22 Aug 2010

click here test disk probably best recovery software for your situation.

  robin_x 10:56 22 Aug 2010

google fridge freezer hdd. you may be able to rescue your data if you are quick on the defrosting. dont use it in the meantime.

If it is internal hdd, you have to take it out of course. all good fun for sunday, i dont envy you.

scuse the caps lock or lack of them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:02 22 Aug 2010

The freezer trick is an absolute last resort. :0)

  rawprawn 11:47 22 Aug 2010

Follow the instructions and link by Fruit Bat /\0/\

  rawprawn 11:48 22 Aug 2010

Not easy if the drive is not recognised.

  Angry Kid 22:23 26 Aug 2010

Thanks for everyone's postings.

I managed to get the data off the drive. Thank God!

After working through your comments and starting from scratch again (in desperation) I found that the USB connection at the back of the drive was 'faulty' i.e if I waggled the connection the drive became visible once again in my computer.

I have now bought a replacement drive.

Angry ;-)

  woodchip 22:54 26 Aug 2010

Clicking you can hear is the seek arm flicking back and forth trying to read the drive, could be corrupt boot sector on the drive. Remove the drive and connect internal to you desktop if possible then see if it can read it. or if you can actually see the drive in disc manager

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