Clicking Noises from Epson Scanner

  Pesala 08:16 18 Sep 2003

My Epson Perfection 1250 scanner makes clicking noises at the end of the scanning bed, and the scan is ruined. Obviously something mechanical slipping somewhere. The scanner is past its 12 month warranty period.

Any chance of fixing it myself by opening it up, or am I more likely to destroy it completely?

  john-232317 08:24 18 Sep 2003

I had similar prob with an HP Scanjet, made a terrible row, like the guts was being ripped out of it.

I unplugged it, pushed the transport lock in and out a few times, plugged it back in.Took software out and put back in, tried it and now its OK.

Dont know why though ??

  SheffieldSpy 08:32 18 Sep 2003

I had a mustek scanner that did something similar, ever since I bought it. I began to think this was normal, until one day the band that moves the light broke. Be careful running the scanner in this state, you could make the situation worse.

  SheffieldSpy 08:34 18 Sep 2003

I never saw any problems with the scanned images though

  Pesala 08:57 18 Sep 2003

click here

The noise is not too frightening, but obviously something may get damaged if I repeatedly use it in this conditon.

  graham√ 09:34 18 Sep 2003

Could be the drive mechanism has slipped a notch. If it's unusable then by all means have a look inside.

If it runs off a power supply and therefore no mains inside, you could set it going and see what is happening to make the noise.

That is one advantage of mechanical things, unlike electronics, you can watch what it is doing!

The hardest part may be finding the right screws to get the lid off.

  Smiler 10:16 18 Sep 2003

I would take graham√'s advice and have a look. If it doesn't fix it Dabs have a epson perfection 1260 for £52.87 or 1260photo for £70.50 probably cost more to have it fixed anyway.

  Pesala 10:28 18 Sep 2003

I took out two small screws from the back, unhooked six plastic latches from the bottom, and slid of the plastic cover. No awkward wires joining the bits together.

Sliding the carriage manually up and down seemed to fix it. I think the ribbon signal cable was getting caught and restricting the movement of the carriage. All working fine now: click here

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