Clicking noise and OS will not load.

  prima12 19:40 30 Jun 2010

Hi all, my daughter is running a dual boot of W98se and XP home, she has heard 'clicking' noises from inside the tower and cannot boot either OS, as it just keeps going around and around and only gets the 'welcome' screen for her to select which OS she wants, she can't even start it in 'safe mode' so she can't back up anything, I have told her it sounds as if the HD has packed up. Is there anything else she could try before putting it out to pasture as it is getting a little old now. Thanks P.

  jack 19:43 30 Jun 2010

A new Hard drive or computer is on the cards
Is she well backed up?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:55 30 Jun 2010

Certainly sounds like a failed Hard drive however you may be able to connect it to another machine (as slave) or n a caddy to extract as much data as possible before it dies completely.

  prima12 20:04 30 Jun 2010

Thanks for your replies, unfortunately 'backing up' was not high on her list of priorities but me thinks it will be from now on, luckily she doesn't much in the way of important info on the PC. P.

  sherwoodsolns 22:08 30 Jun 2010

simple solution if you know how - get cloning software and a usb/sata/ide adaptor kit. take an image of the drive before it fails onto another PC system - then you can re-image onto a new drive and hey prest old system returns... it does sound like the drive mechanism is failing and this is not a good sign - acting quickly can save data - or if no backup in place then expensive data recovery is the only option. after the horse has bolted :-(

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