Clicking on MAudio 192 Soundcard on Wndows 7 64 bit

  Joe G 22:10 26 Feb 2012

Hi all

Another problem with my new PC that I could use some help with before going back to the provider if necessary

I am getting clicking on audio when using my MAudio 192 soundcard with my Win 7 64 bit system - both on playback and when playing into the device from my MIDI keyboard. I increased the buffer size to the maximum but still getting a problem - its better when I disable the wireless network receiver but still not perfect. I've read around the web and a few people have had similar problems but I could not find a solution other than the disabling of the wireless USB which has helped but not completely cured. There was also a suggestion to suspend anti virus but not sure how to do this with AVG Free

The system is a Chillblast Neptune (Pentium i5 2500) with upgrades including a P8Z68VLE mobo, Corsair 40GB SSD, Ge Force GTX 560 & the MAudoi card

As always grateful for any ideas

  rdave13 22:21 26 Feb 2012

Sounds like interference. Try right clicking the speaker icon in the notification area and select 'Playback devices'. Right click on your speakers in the window that appears and select properties. Under the advanced tab select the default format and test the sample and bit rate when running in shared mode. Stick to 24 bit first at the lowest setting then work up. See if it makes any difference.

  Joe G 22:57 26 Feb 2012

Thanks - I have tried this on the MAudio output but it has occasional crackles even at 16bit. Reading a bit more about it on the web it seems there may be a compatibility problem between PCI cards and the Sandy Bridge chipset - I suppose as my PC supplier recommended the card I would have grounds to have it replaced by a USB card if I can't find a solution? Its been a bit of a nightmare so far - first with a dead HDD and now this!

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