clicking links in email

  2CV6 13:26 13 Oct 2004

Hi, running win me 256 memory. Used to be able to click a link in an email and go direct to a site and also do it on IE and go to different pages during downloads etc. Suddenly stopped, can you advise? Thanks 2cv6.

  VoG II 13:29 13 Oct 2004

If you mean that links don't work at all then


Copy this, paste into address bar, remove the space after // and click Go.

Follow the instructions.

If it is only links in Outlook Express that don't work then click here

  2CV6 14:25 13 Oct 2004

Thanks VoG. I've just tried microsoft help suggestion, done all the remedies with the dll's and also checked the registry which is ok. [big registry isn't it]
If I click on your blue link for the oexpress the same prob occurs with just an empty window opening and the hour clock appearing. Do I need to re-install windows again? 2cv6.

  VoG II 14:28 13 Oct 2004

Try a repair of Internet Explorer first


without the space after //

  2CV6 14:46 13 Oct 2004

No luck. Wo'nt repair as IEPEERS.DLL is missing and version 5.50.4134.100 of file THUMBVW.DLL exists but needs to be > 5.50.4134.600
I'm getting into uncharted seas now but like it.2cv6.

  VoG II 14:55 13 Oct 2004

I think that you need to reinstall Internet Explorer



  2CV6 15:12 13 Oct 2004

Ok I'll do that. The disc I use to re-install is a copy my friend made and he put ME in for me after 98se. Maybe there's something not on it. I'll try your method now. Thanks. I'll let you know what happens. 2cv6.

  2CV6 15:29 13 Oct 2004

Hi VoG, re-installed but still blank windows when clicking links. Has Zone Alarm anything to do with this?. I've also got Trojan Hunter Guard running + Win patrol +swat it. Just cleared all the crap out with these things + adaware se + search and destroy as the pc was continually having faults. All seems ok now except for this one fault.2cv6.

  VoG II 15:43 13 Oct 2004

Try running the test at

http:// www.

  2CV6 09:52 15 Oct 2004

Hi VoG, thanks for your help but couldn't fix it. The sites you directed me to are brilliant. I decided to download Mozilla and everything works. Couldn't spend too much time on this problem. Everything seemed to go wrong when ME was put in. The printer wouldn't work on Windows but did on Mozilla etc etc. Thanks again. 2cv6.

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