Clicking on a link problem (NOT urgent)

  graham√ 20:26 24 May 2003

When I click on a link, for example on PCA 'click here', the address appears in the box but nothing happens until I click 'Go'. AOL, XP. Any ideas, once everyone's solved gaz's urgent case?

  watchful 22:49 24 May 2003


  woodchip 22:59 24 May 2003

Are you running PCA through AOL screen if you are try just starting AOL then Start IE and get PCA through IE

  leo49 01:26 25 May 2003

Always avoided AOL so can't help there - but your last sentence I did find highly droll.:o)

  Djohn 01:41 25 May 2003

Ok, i'll tell you next week!

Sorry graham√ don't have the answer to that. Works ok for me, same setup, see if we can find the missing link, (No pun intended) J.

  hugh-265156 01:47 25 May 2003

when i used aol i just did what woodchip suggested and it worked ok.then i got rid of it and got ntl.happy now.

  graham√ 10:30 25 May 2003

My thread should have started with 'Sometimes when ...'. leo49, glad someone found it droll!

  watchful 08:43 26 May 2003

It made me laugh as well Graham but, more to the point, has your 'non-urgent' little problem been solved yet?

If so, can we have a little green tick, just for the benefit of others you understand?

  Wak 09:45 26 May 2003

I lately found that links do not work for me.
The name comes up in the box but then nothing else happens. I then realised that I had recently installed a program called Internet Organizer Pro 2 (a Freebie) which stops all connections to links unless you click on an indicator and change it's colour from green to red. Clicking on it apparently renders it inoperative for three seconds, just long enough to connect to the link.
It's a bit of a bind, really, but it does lots of other things which make it worthwhile.
I do not have AOL (thank goodness), only Win98SE and IE6 through NTL.

  graham√ 09:52 26 May 2003

Thanks for your concern. I will tick this as resolved (as I always do), although there doesn't seem to be an obvious answer. One always hopes that someone will say 'I know what that is', but in this case no-one did!

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