clicking HDD

  Ray5776 20:55 30 Jul 2007

Hi everyone,
I have a Seagate ST3160022ACE hard drive about 18 months old, 160GBytes, temp shows at 39C.
System performance seems to be getting slower and there is a lot of clicking noises which seem to be from the hard drive, not the normal whirring sound for want of a better description.
I would not expect HDD starting to fail so soon but am also getting random shutdowns.
What do you think? to me the HDD just does not sound right.


  howard64 21:05 30 Jul 2007

make sure everything is backed up in case it is failing. Any device can fail and the failure may only be 0.001% of those made but if they make several million of them 1 or 2 will fail.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:10 30 Jul 2007

back up everything yuo need.

download and run the seatools program from seagate to diagnose the problems on your drive.

click here

  Ray5776 21:52 30 Jul 2007

Thanks for your replies, full back up in progress now
I am fairly good at backing up anyway having learnt the hard way :-)
If this is a failing drive then I must be extreemly unlucky as it will be the third in three years, I had two twin Hitachies fail after 13 and 15 months respectively.
I will have a look your link Fruit Bat and try it out tommorow, for the moment I will sort the backup.
Thanks Ray

  Ray5776 19:09 31 Jul 2007

Ok the noise has gone today and all seems well but it was clicking for 4/5 days so I still don`t trust it.
I have downloaded Fruit Bats suggestion so how do I use it?


  Ray5776 21:39 31 Jul 2007


  Ray5776 19:06 01 Aug 2007

Fruit Bat, I have downloaded the tools onto a floppy and a cd when I boot from either of them I get the normal "Accept our terms etc yes or no"
If I click Y or N which are my only options nothing happens at all.


  Ray5776 21:35 01 Aug 2007

Fruit Bat, Thanks for the tools link I have now managed to use it and it says drive is OK.
My fault as I was trying to use a wireless keyboard which of course will not work if I am booting from a floppy or cd. Now using a wired one so sorted that out.
The test says that the drive is working OK but I know from experience that any drive making these kind of noises is in the departure lounge, I will give it two to six weeks and I bet it fails.
I will make sure I have the backups.

Thanks Ray

  woodchip 21:39 01 Aug 2007

The MBR may be corrupt. Clicking does not mean the Hard Drive is on it's way out< it could be. But it could also be the MBR as if it's corrupt it has difficulty reading and finding files on the drive

  woodchip 21:41 01 Aug 2007

If you have a Floppy Drive download the DOS version of Seatools from click here
Put a floppy in the drive and double click on the file you downloaded. It will create a disc, start computer with the disc

  Ray5776 21:58 01 Aug 2007

Thanks woodchip I have in fact done this and it shows no errors. Intermittent faults are the worst thing as we all know, works fine today, what will tomorrow bring.

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