clicking dvd drive - cd now broken into 3 pieces!

  theDarkness 22:58 27 Apr 2012

I inserted a cd into my msi laptop for a relation to play on it (guild wars-disc couple of years old, possibly used once). The disc spins, and starts clicking rapidly, at around half a second between each click. I think I can smell something burning, but its faint and I am close to the laptop. The disc isnt auto starting or even showing its name when I click on my computer, so after 15 seconds I take the disc out. I look at the cd, which looks ok, until I turn it upside down. From its centre, there is a good hairline crack almost to the edge of the disc. I bend it slightly to see how much impact the laser has seemingly made, and wahey, the disc breaks into 3 pieces. Nice, lol.

I am trying to work out the sole cause, if it was just a badly manufactured weak disc or if my laptops dvd drive is the sole cause. I have googled up cracked/broken discs, and it would seem that some drives are able to go wrong and dangerously spin out of control and even explode and split discs on their very own. Most of these explanations seem to mention the drive whirring excessively, whereas my own one did not, only click (possibly a repeated 'stop/start' of the drive spin as it attempted to read the disc as a result of the hairline crack, but I have no idea if the crack was there before or only after I inserted the disc). Has anyone had any similar problem and can give any tips on being able to test my drive? Is it really possible for a dvd laser to make a disc unreadable by burning, even splitting a disc as a result? My drive can still read cds and dvds, so do you think its a result of a badly manufactured weak disc in the first place, or should I stop using this drive completely, if its laser could be weakening my discs itself-how likely? thanks for any info

  rdave13 23:17 27 Apr 2012

I think a duff CD otherwise all your other media would break up. Pretty weak laser used in optical drives for causing damage.See here.

  theDarkness 23:47 27 Apr 2012

thanks,it doesnt seem too likely that the drive using a level one or (i think one site stated) oem laser could have made such damage then :) I just found this... which suggests that the manufacturers of the same software may not be using very strong discs after all-the cause of the split? I just cant remember if the split was present beforehand and I had simply forgotten to bin the disc. Ive noticed theres a wiki entry on the myth of disc shattering too, which suggests that a very high speed would have to be present on a cheap disc to cause such damage. In my case I did bend the disc for it to shatter, so I suppose I should be searching for the possibility of the laser causing a mere split, or any damage at all. I just tested the box the game came in, and the discs are VERY hard to get out of, much pressure is needed to remove the cds from the hard plastic that the disc sits on. Surely the real cause of the split :)

  rdave13 00:10 28 Apr 2012

Possibly but that's physical damage.Nothing to do with a Class 1 laser.

  theDarkness 00:16 28 Apr 2012

thats what I mean, the split was possibly caused beforehand by the casing and I hadnt noticed it before I inserted it into the drive. I wonder if I imagined the burning smell or if that could have been related to the laser simply trying to read between or into the cracked area on the disc

  rdave13 01:24 28 Apr 2012

theDarkness, 'burning' as producing digital information on to a 'blank' CD, DVD does not require a huge amount of energy but needs to be exact. Power of the laser of optical drives is good enough to read/write the medium.

As for detecting a sense of burning - possibly something wrong in the house's wiring and you should investigate?

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