clicking ?

  podlod 08:48 08 May 2010

Hi, After approx 2 hrs whilst on my pc I hear a repetitive clicking noise from my speakers for about 5 secs, then I am ok for another 4 or 5 minutes and it then repeats itself, although it is not very loud it tends to put me off of what I am doing, any ideas please?

  birdface 09:22 08 May 2010

Not you pop up blocker is it.
Try tools pop up blocker settings.
Untick play a sound when pop up is blocked and see if it could be that.

  podlod 10:08 08 May 2010

Hi buteman, I have looked but cannot see anything regarding a noise in conjunction with my pop ups?

  birdface 10:30 08 May 2010

I was assuming you were using I/Explorer.
I know some folk have had a problem using AOl but it is music that they were getting and not clicking.
It does say play a sound on my pop up blocker.
click here

  Furkin 11:39 08 May 2010

,,, could it be the sound of the machine 'reading' routine ? Not being an expert I don't know what it's called,,,,, but if you have lights/LEDs on the machine, one is usually for Power On & the other flickers as the machine reads files,,,, and at other random times.

  podlod 08:42 09 May 2010

Hi, I have tried reading routine and it is not that.
None of my pop-up-blockers are on.
My server is Orange.

Does this help at all, any more ideas ?

  Furkin 09:39 09 May 2010

,,,, it could also be a simple thing like HDD or PSU clicking at times,,,,
Does it sound like a mechanical click (HDD, PSU, FAN etc) or actaully through the speakers as 'audio' click ?
I sometiumes get clicks as I move the roller wheel up/down on the mouse,,,, sometimes don't.
I sometimes get clicks with mouse button clicks,,,, sometimes don't.
Sorry can't be more help.

  podlod 10:16 10 May 2010

Hi Furkin, No the sound is def through my speakers, but only makes the clicking sound after a couple of hours, guess I will have to try and live with it or hand it over to the pc guy for a look. Thanks for all the help you have given me, if any more ideas come to mind please let me know, again thanks.

  hiwatt 16:38 10 May 2010

Go to start/control pannel and click on sounds/audio devices.In the sounds tab click on the drop down menu and choose no sounds,apply and ok.See if that helps.

  woodchip 17:09 10 May 2010

Just a thought, when no sound is going through speakers they can be tested by applying volts to the terminals this gives a click when connecting.

It may be a bad speaker connection

  robin_x 20:54 10 May 2010

Mobile phones can cause interference. But it does not usually manifest itself as clicking.

Just to be sure. Keep your phone well away on the other side of the room or turn it off awhile. Just to eliminate that as a potential cause.

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