holligan 17:59 08 Sep 2003

can you do a clicklbe link on any page.or does it have to be in the softwere using web precinct

  phil 20:39 08 Sep 2003

Can you put a link to this 'web precinct' thing.

All I find when I type it into Google is a shopping portal.

I'd like to see what it's all about because good html software should be teaching you these basic requirements right from the start.

In fact I'd say dump it now and go with something like Frontpage, Dreamweaver or the one I use, Coffee Cup.

  Forum Editor 23:16 08 Sep 2003

I've never heard of web precinct, and neither has anyone in my office. From what I've been hearing from you over the past few days it's no good to you at all, and you would do well to do as phil suggests - dump it.

  holligan 13:23 09 Sep 2003

should get you there

  Talented Monkey 17:18 09 Sep 2003

Well what can I say I am still none the wiser. I found this site the other day, , Like other people probably did, but there is no mention about this scrap book thing that I can see what so ever.

Going off topic , I wont go into a 1000 word essay as to why although I would like to!, I would like to point out that, in my opinion, that this website is awful, it is another example of ?clever? graphics and layout winning over content and usability which seem to plague the internet these days. In short this website sucks. This explains why I took quite a long time to get a vague idea what this company about, and still no mention of any products or services they provide, so sorry I found this link for the scrapbook thing is totally useless.

All I can think of that this is some beta or other type/version of a new page creator to rival the likes of FrontPage Dreamweaver and Coffecup , and there is no documentation or tutorials anywhere, and why no-ones ever heard of this.

If I were you I would change to something else to produce your pages.
Sorry still cant be of any more help. Enough said.

  Talented Monkey 17:24 09 Sep 2003

WAIT I had an inspiration as soon as I posted this, and low and behold I found the application on click here

Ok holligan maybe we can start getting somewhere now.. ill down load it and look at it later for you.

There is light at end of tunnel!

  Talented Monkey 18:33 09 Sep 2003

After looking at this, I am afraid the only way you are going to be able to put links in, is to edit the code itself, which i do not think you want to do.

Certianly this software is aimed at producing simple pages, and i mean simple, infact it looks rather familiar.. i do believe that someone else who posted on this forum is using this to, being too lazy to look not sure who, but regulars will recognize the landscape gardener who asked for comments/help and originally used a JCB image on the page. This also explains his poor layout and inability to improve on it.

Therefore I can now say that, unless you really want to type in lines of code, you will be better off using one of the previosuly mentioned packages.

With these you will have more control over your page content, and include thigns like links etc as you wanted.

Although these big 3 are not free forever, you do get some free trial time before you have to pay for it, a good 30 odd days during which you should be able to create you pages.

Coffeecup click here
Dreamweaver click here

front page well i cant for some reason find a trial version for this.. maybe i am looking in wrong place..or is that microsoft for you!!!!

Let us know what you are planning to do. if you want to insert the code by hand, ie type it in, then myslef or someone else will be able to help you.

Sorry if this isnt what you wanted to hear!

  holligan 20:26 09 Sep 2003

the other gardener was me haha.if it is hard i wont bovver to type comp expert,if i did use the others you said do you keep your pages in the freespace if you dont want to pay for the program ? my site is click here

  holligan 20:31 09 Sep 2003

click here right one cheers

  Talented Monkey 22:25 11 Sep 2003

sorry forgot to reply.. no you can use the full programme for the duration of the 30 days etc and upload files to your webspace without any restrictions. the software has no effect on where you "save" your pages

  Forum Editor 22:44 11 Sep 2003

Web precinct and start using a proper WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web editing package. Talented Monkey has given you a couple of suggestions - you won't find a trial version of FrontPage - and it might be a very good idea for you to have a go at creating your site in one of them (preferably not DreamWeaver) using one of the templates that all these applications provide.

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