click sound from tower.

  Rennaissance 19:06 20 Dec 2003

Hi i was running my pc sometimes, and usually when i exit or enter a game a click sound from the tower is heard. This sounds like the click off sound when it shuts down, Why does this happen, the computer goes on as if nothing is wrong. Also what actually makes that click sound when shutting down? thanks.

  Valvegrid 19:11 20 Dec 2003

You may find it comes from the speakers, mine does it, also the computer at work does the same thing.

  [email protected]@m 19:14 20 Dec 2003

It's the small system speaker. It is the signal that something has happened that you need to be aware of. Depending on the OS, you can view and change the sounds you would hear from the speakers when an 'event' takes place in Windows.

  spikeychris 19:14 20 Dec 2003

Modems make an initial click when dialling and when disconnecting, also fans kicking in and turning off. Not so sure with GX cards as I don't use 'em.

  DieSse 20:21 20 Dec 2003

Some monitors click when changing resolutions - as often happens when entering or exiting games.

  alcudia 22:27 20 Dec 2003

This is I think the third posting I have seen with this problem recently, and I have it as well. I thought is was coming from the hard drive, which is new. It does not come from the speakers, but definitly from the tower. Only does it once, about three mins after boot up. Strange isn't it?

  Rennaissance 11:06 21 Dec 2003

thanks for replies, Yes i was thinking it was the harddrive, but i never knew system speaker could make that noise. Well it definately isnt my monitor, or graphics card as it doesnt have any fans only a heatsink. Fans seem to work fine always as they are new. Must be the system speaker then. Hi [email protected]@m i am running windows xp pro, and you say you can set it somewhere to make what signal you want and when. How do i do that?

  Irishman 11:18 21 Dec 2003

Control Panel-Sounds and Audio Devices.

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