Click sound from PC & corresponding screen stutter

  aaron.boland 09:20 05 Feb 2018

Hey everyone,

Hoping you can troubleshoot a slightly odd issue I'm having. My computer regularly emits a single, subtle 'click' or 'tick' sound. It doesn't noticeably affect performance in normal use, but when playing games, I notice a micro-sutter/ lockup on screen as the sound occurs.

I'm struggling to figure out which component this noise is coming from. Even getting inside the case with a stethoscope hasn't helped!

  • It can't be the CPU cooler, as I've upgraded it and the sound is still there
  • It can't be the SSD as it has no moving parts and the sound was occurring before I added it
  • I think it was happening before I added in a new graphics card and power supply, but they are both new, good-quality components, anyway
  • I don't see how it could be the CPU, RAM or mobo as they have no moving parts

I suspect the HDD. The issue was happening frequently playing, say, Rocket League from the HDD. Now I've moved it to the SSD, I haven't noticed the issue. Vice City from the HDD is displaying the issue, however.

What do you think? My only doubt with the HDD is that I don't know how it could be causing the issue. I thought, once a game had started, all the content was loaded into RAM?

Any help would be gratefully received - it might stop me from swapping out each component to troubleshoot it :-)


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:49 05 Feb 2018

Run chkdsk /f on the HDD

  aaron.boland 11:48 05 Feb 2018

Thanks. Will try! And would that detect physical issues?

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