DWANE PYPE 21:26 10 Mar 2004

Awhile back a Forum helper/adviser, did a thread
on how to Reformat-Install OS, it was very clear and concise instructions, he did it because he said it was one of the FAQ's.

At the time I did not know how to add to my postings, so if he, or the ones that did, give me the click here, I would be very greatful.

Thanks DW.

  VoG II 21:32 10 Mar 2004
  DWANE PYPE 21:51 10 Mar 2004


1)Have all ready printed that one off.

2)Have ME.

The Forum member who put the instructions on,did it himself, not a click here, and as I said it was a while back.

Much obliged for your reply. will leave it open in case, some one still has it.

  powerless 21:58 10 Mar 2004

A year ago?

  DWANE PYPE 22:04 10 Mar 2004


It could well be , was it you by any chance.!!

Regards DW.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:09 10 Mar 2004

click here - not the one you asked for but good.

  powerless 22:14 10 Mar 2004

It could have been me then again I don't know :-(

The reason I say a year ago is because the threads dating back to then were archived.

  Belatucadrus 22:14 10 Mar 2004

click here it's a pdf and getting a bit long in the tooth, but still good for W9X systems.

  DWANE PYPE 23:26 10 Mar 2004


Does't time fly when your having fun.

Diodorus Siculus:

Down loaded them, will print them off, read them,and "Have A Go".

Thanks alot.
Regards DW>

  DWANE PYPE 23:28 10 Mar 2004

Forgot to click Resolved.

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