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Click Here Links not working

  rawprawn 15:36 16 Feb 2011

If I click on a link in this forum it usually works the first time,, and then after that all I get is "Web Page cannot be Displayed"
I posted earlier today thinking it was an IE 9 fault, but I have reverted back to IE 8 and I still have the problem.
Any help at all welcomed as I am now at a complete loss.

  rawprawn 15:39 16 Feb 2011

I have just tried about 5 links and they all worked, then I tried this one and it doesn't
click here
There must be some difference somewhere.

  rawprawn 15:52 16 Feb 2011

Firefox is the same, so it is something on my computer.
I am running SFC

  Edbanger 15:59 16 Feb 2011

Link works for me using IE 9.

  caccy 16:04 16 Feb 2011

Have Firefox, Zone alarm & AVG, link took about three seconds to display.

  rawprawn 16:06 16 Feb 2011

SFC, no violations.

  QuizMan 16:25 16 Feb 2011

Works for me too using IE9 default settings plus Norton 360.

  rawprawn 18:47 16 Feb 2011

I have just completed a repair install and I still have the same problem.
It looks like a full install

  TonyV 19:17 16 Feb 2011

Is it anything to do with the Compatibility switch?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:35 16 Feb 2011

Doesn't work for me with FF wonder if Spywareblaster is blocking it

  johnnyrocker 19:43 16 Feb 2011

works ok here IE8 XPpro


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