Click here. How ?

  tonyx1302 12:08 25 Jan 2006

I have just responded to a post ( faulties update Sec Update ), where I recommended going back to one of my previous posts dated 16/1/06. I had the same problem recently and it was sorted out for me. The problem is I don't know how to insert and high light the 'click here' option to a previous post or reccomended web site etc so members can use the option. Does all this make sense ?


  tonyx1302 12:33 25 Jan 2006

Thanks PaulB2005 but I'm having one of my daft days. I did as you suggested,went back to one of my previous posts and right clicked on post title. Clicked on Copy S/cut then went back to insert in a new message by clicking paste and I get 'click here etc etc not the post title.


  tonyx1302 13:59 25 Jan 2006

Thanks PaulB2005. Have been trying your suggestions re. your posts and have at last understood and now know how to solve the problem


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