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  jack 15:39 01 Mar 2004

I have a feeling that this plea has been sent before by others.

How do I do the 'Click Here' trick?


  expertec 15:39 01 Mar 2004

If you put in a web address it automatically convert to a click her, e.g. click here

  Taff36 15:52 01 Mar 2004

Except when it`s a microsoft article when you need to use the following (without the spaces between / and support - I`ve done that to avoid it trying to become a click here):


Where XXXXXX is the number of the article. A good tip is to copy this to a text editor such as notepad and drop the file on your desktop. then when you see the microsoft article number simply copy the numbers in and then copy and paste the link complete back to the posting.

Hope I`ve got that right because it`s a while since VoG told us how to do it !!!

  expertec 15:54 01 Mar 2004

When I post MS KB links I use click here to simplify them, then they post fine

The Toshiba has got 3no. USB1 ports as standard.
I'd like to add 2 No. USB2 ports but don't know how to.
There are two vacant PC card expansion slot that can accommodate two 5mm Type II cards or one 10.5mm Type III card.
The Web says I can buy 2-port USB2 cardbus card to slot into one of the card slots, but there my knowledge ends. The Toshiba manual talks of using 16-bit PC cards, including PC card 16's multifunction card and Cardbus PC cards. Cardbus supports the new standard of 32-bit PC cards.
Am I on the right track please?

  Stuartli 16:34 01 Mar 2004

You are either in the wrong thread or need to post one in the HelpRoom.

  Stuartli 16:35 01 Mar 2004

Re: Click Here

If you right click on one of the "mangled" links and select Open In New Window it usually works....

  powerless 19:10 01 Mar 2004
  spikeychris 19:25 01 Mar 2004

Ignore them all. You have to click your heels together and say "theres no place like PC advisor...theres no place like PC advisor"

Try it...always works.

  powerless 19:27 01 Mar 2004

Drinking again eh?

  woodchip 19:28 01 Mar 2004

All the Above would look complex if I was a Novice.
Click the Address Box at the Top of the page so it all turns blue, right click on the blue address and choose copy, click in the message box hear with the right button and choose paste. You can do this with any text but only an Address as above will become a “click hear” when you post the thread with the address pasted in it

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