CLI application.

  peg leg 18:55 27 Apr 2005

Hi everyone.
I have just installed Zone Alarm and now I am getting a warning that " CLI application(command line interface) is trying to access the internet".
I have denied access because I don't know what it is and the PC seems to be working OK!
Does anyone know what CLI.exe is?

  Cuddles 19:49 27 Apr 2005

A CLI (command line interface) is a user interface to a computer's operating system or an application in which the user responds to a visual prompt by typing in a command on a specified line, receives a response back from the system, and then enters another command, and so forth. The MS-DOS Prompt application in a Windows operating system is an example of the provision of a command line interface. Today, most users prefer the graphical user interface (GUI) offered by Windows, Mac OS, BeOS, and others. Typically, most of today's Unix-based systems offer both a command line interface and a graphical user interface.

  steve1ooo 20:30 27 Apr 2005

Have you got an ATI graphics card and the catalyst control centre installed? I had then same warning after upgrading catalyst drivers.

  peg leg 08:25 28 Apr 2005

Hi cuddles and steve1ooo,

steve1ooo yes I do have an ATI graphics card and a catalyst control centre.
Cuddles,I suppose it's ok then,thanks.

  cfcnick 19:03 04 Apr 2006

just found this thread as I have a similar problem. My son has just installed the catalyst control centre for ATI and I am now getting a warning about cli.exe coming up when I start the PC. I can click on it to make it go away and my son tells me that his game runs OK (that was the reason he installed the catalyst control centre) but I would like it to stop popping up on start up.
Any help appreciated

  Cuddles 21:01 05 Apr 2006

start>run>msconfig> go to start up and remove tick from cli.exe

  cfcnick 20:33 21 Apr 2006

Thanks for that Cuddles, problem sorted.

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