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Clearing space from 40Gb SSD running Win 7

  Joe G 15:29 21 Jul 2016

Every now and again my drive gets to the point it is full and I have become pretty adept at removing unnecessary stuff but always tread carefully! I use CCleaner, Wise Care & Windows Disc Cleanup. I've also recently cleared out old NVidia setups etc which saved a lot of space. Just downloaded WinDirStat to try to see what else might be clogging up the sustem and found a Windows CBS log file takes up 360Mb, Windows Installer Files takes up 2Gb and Nvdia Backend in the App data folder in my users area takes up 1.3Gb. I know I should get a bigger disk and will eventually but it would be good to keep using this one a while longer.

I'm considering updating to Win 10 but needing 3Gb of spare space is an issue and I am also a bit worried that some of my music production software may not work with it. Will have to decide soon!

Thanks in anticipation of advice

  Joe G 15:47 21 Jul 2016

Any advice of anything else I can remove would be welcome too of course!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:24 21 Jul 2016

Take it you cannot fit a second drive and move the users folder?

  Joe G 16:33 21 Jul 2016

I've got a 1Tb hard drive that I use for data - could move Users over to that but would that cause an issue for programmes seeking to access files in the Users folder?

  robin_x 16:59 21 Jul 2016

Use Macrium Reflect Free to male a System Image of the SSD to the HDD.

Run Disk Cleanup. Make sure you don't have a Windows.old.

Delete old Restore Points. Disable Hibernate (if enabled)

Uninstall some large Apps.

Use W10 Media Creation Tool to make a USB or DVD (from downloaded iso)

Run setup.exe to upgrade on the USB or DVD (do not use them to boot)

If you don't like W10 or music production apps don't work, Revert back to W7 via the W10 Settings option.

Your Macrium Image is an extra backup.

The machine can be upgraded for free, or W10 installed, at any future time once it has been done once.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:05 21 Jul 2016

Not if you do it properly you cannot just drag and drop it to the big drive.

see here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:05 21 Jul 2016

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