Clearing search history

  Marvin Grunt 19:54 17 Sep 2004

On Win XP I have tried using the disk cleanup to get rid of old internet files, but if I view the 'temp internet files' while in the dic cleanup facility, there is a file called 'user.dat' which when you view it using notepad, is a 'client urlcache MMF ver 5.2'. It contains a lot of stuff, amongst which are all the search words or phrases used on the internet. It is a big file and disk cleanup does not erase it. It also resists attempts to erase it manually or through 'usage tracks' in Spybot. Does anyone know of a safe way to get rid of it please?

  stalion 20:01 17 Sep 2004

this may do it click here

  Marvin Grunt 20:18 17 Sep 2004

I downloaded the program, but then discovered that it costs $5.99 a month. Is there a simpler solution?

  stalion 20:20 17 Sep 2004

what did you download you want fresh ui which is totally free

  Marvin Grunt 20:24 17 Sep 2004

OOps, I downloaded wiper wizard, did not notice the fresh ui. Thanks.

  Marvin Grunt 20:44 17 Sep 2004

fresh ui does not seem to do it, any other ideas?

  stalion 20:58 17 Sep 2004

have you gone to "covering your track" in ui and clicked on the various boxes which then when you click on the lists enables you to change the settings.There are various delete options for the internet

  Eargasm 21:02 17 Sep 2004

Have a look at click here it's free and i always run it after coming off the net.It should do the trick

  Marvin Grunt 21:02 17 Sep 2004

I tried all the relevant items, but the user.dat file is still hanging in there.

  Marvin Grunt 21:13 17 Sep 2004

I tried cleanup, but that ************ file is still full up.

  stalion 21:20 17 Sep 2004

have you tried deleting it in safe mode?

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