Clearing Out Duplicate Files

  jimforrest 15:44 14 Oct 2013

My network has an old XP desktop which, once I switched to laptops, I kept as an email receiver (Outlook) but rarely used for anything else. It does have a lot of docs and Visual Basic progs which I used for my business. I'm now going to dump it and replace it with a laptop so I am copying all the files across to my laptop. The problem is that (if I remember correctly), in the 'old' days the only way you could share files was by putting them in a dedicated Share Folder. Nowadays I can share all folders of course. I used to copy files to this Share folder so now I have literally hundreds of duplicate files which I'm copying across the to new comp. Is there a program that I can run that will find identical files and remove the duplicates?

  chub_tor 18:54 14 Oct 2013

Google will find you dozens of programmes that will find duplicate file this one is from auslogics

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:03 14 Oct 2013

however be very careful using such programs as they can remove vital files and stop programs or even windows from working.

  chub_tor 19:37 14 Oct 2013

Fruitbat/\0/\ very true, very true. Been there and done that in my early days.

  jimforrest 19:55 14 Oct 2013

OK Chaps - before I end up looking at a blank screen (again!), can I specify only .doc, .xml etc file types, or even limit the search to certain folders?

  chub_tor 22:26 15 Oct 2013

According to that link I gave

Welcome Page

The welcome page offers you to select disks you want to scan for duplicates. You can use a filter to search for duplicates only among specific file types.

  jimforrest 00:40 16 Oct 2013

Cheers Chub. After I get an image of my comp safely on an HDD I'll do it.

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