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clearing one drive application settings from PC

  Newuser3477 10:37 08 Dec 2015

I have obviously made an entry error when downloading one drive onto my PC.When I attempt to share a document it appears in my contacts email as a message from my wife. So I need to start again. How do I remove all my original settings Thanks

  Terry Brown 10:58 08 Dec 2015

When you update to the cloud (which is what One drive is), it normally defaults to the primary user, which I assume is your wife.

If you want your own cloud use try using a Gmail account and Gmail Drive.

  Newuser3477 17:34 12 Dec 2015

Whilst my wife does have a hotmail address she is not the primary user, except in as far as I have accidentally inserted her name at some stage or had her account open in mail when I first used onedrive. I really would like to delete all details in one drive and start again other wise one drive is useless for me as my wife will not be using it. Any help possible please

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