Clearing Cmos - What is YOUR method

  gartoye 10:26 20 Jan 2008

Hi all

Having a few problems on a new build.

To clear CMOS I have always simply shorted the CMOS jumper, usually by holding a ballpoint pen across the pins for about 10 seconds.

To save having to remove the PCI Express graphics card everytime I want to clear CMOS, on this build I attached a 2-core wire to the pins & ran it to a push-switch on the front of the case.

I have read a lot of threads advising to remove the battery for 10 mins in addition to shorting the jumpers.

Is this really necessary?

Just wondering what other people do, would be interested to know what difference removing the battery for 10 mins actually makes, as this is also quite inaccesable.


  €dstowe 10:36 20 Jan 2008

Shorting the reset pins with the battery still attached will result in you drawing power from the battery but not necessarily achieving the aim of resetting the CMOS to its default condition as you are not removing all power from it.

In some setups it may work and the reset does occur with the battery attached but, to be certain, it is logical to remove it.

Having said that, I've worked with hundreds of computers and I've never had to reset the CMOS

  gartoye 10:44 20 Jan 2008

Cheers €dstowe

I am having some RAM issues & shorting the jumpers appears to reset everything, at any rate all the settings, time/date etc resets to default.

But as you advise power is of course still being drawn, will open it up yet again!



  €dstowe 10:58 20 Jan 2008

Thinking about it, if you have been shorting the reset pins with the battery attached, you may have drawn sufficient power from it to significantly shorten its life. It might be wise to install a new battery.

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