Clearing all trace of BTInternet ?

  Diemmess 07:32 17 Sep 2004

I carried out a much needed system rebuild for my son at my house....Re-installed BT Yahoo Pay-as- you-go to previous screen name and password, All was working fine.

The BT stuff failed to work at his house until after an initial premium line help call, I used their 24hr window for freephone follow up and eventually after 4 hrs of trying this and that as recommended, achieved a crippled version which takes ages to run and is not stable or able to cope with Outlook Express.

My grandaughter in the same house still has no bother with the same account on a separate computer.

Both computers run Windows 98SE.

I want to clear every trace so that I can install over again from the BT CD without the process finding old settings.

Windows uninstall alone is useless for this, I suspect that IE and Outlook both retain details.

Can you say what items I should delete or reset before trying a truly fresh installation?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:46 17 Sep 2004

I am not sure what BT installs but you can try a repair of IE / OE. Go to add/remove programs and under the listing for Ms IE choose to remove. Then it will give an option to repair (if you use version 6).

Also, try the system file checker




and click start

That will sort out any issues with windows files.

  Diemmess 08:09 17 Sep 2004

The freephone ladies from Mombai are not the easiest voices to understand but one returned my call to son's mobile, since his house is a one line house.

Alas though she took me through "remove all your softvare," all it did was remove some icons and reset the Dial up connection.

I'm in a hard place here, would like to reinstall just IE 5.? and Outlook Express but daren't risk wrecking the O/S.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:22 17 Sep 2004

A reinstall of IE5 from a CD should not cause any problems.

  Diemmess 08:59 17 Sep 2004

Diodorus Siculus
W98Se has IE version 3.x I think, and upgradeing may retain the very settings I want to lose!

Have posted a separate thread about deleting and reinstalling, possible or not......... I used to have a CD (can't find it) which loaded IE 5.5.

M$ seem to offer only v 6 for 98SE and a BT installation gives this as part of the package.

  Diemmess 09:39 17 Sep 2004

I will close this thread which parallels another -click here

Stupidly closed that thread instead of this one! "Some mothers do have them"

  iambeavis 10:33 17 Sep 2004

Have you gone into the Network Connections and the Programme Files folders and cleared all traces of BT from there? When I left BT, for a brief period, last year I found that the dialer had been left behind. There may be some reference to BT in the common files too.

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