cleared CMOS but PC wont start up..!

  Pilch from 18:16 10 Nov 2003

hello! after clearing my CMOS on my Shuttle AK12 V3 with a Duron 950 mhz, it seems that my pc wont start up! basically what happens is that when i turn the power switch on, the POST produces one long beep about 5 seconds and then the PC powers down? does anybody know what the problem is? could it be that my CPU has gone dead? oh and i also tried it with an additional 850 Duron CPU but it still does the same thing! could it be the motherboard itself then? i am in need of desperate help! thanks! i also have 256 mb 133 SDRAM as well!

  jimv7 18:26 10 Nov 2003

Check the ram is seated correctly, psu is ok, cables connected ok.

ive tried that yet still the same problem! my 256 mb ram is split into 2 128mb modules and i even tried each of them seperatly yet it still doesnt do anything! any other suggestions please?

  SGT BARNES 18:49 10 Nov 2003

did you have to remove or reposition a jumper to clear the cmos and did you put it back in the right place

  PA28 18:51 10 Nov 2003

If you're whipping the processor in and out, check that it's firmly seated. Why did you need to clear the BIOS in the first place - is there a history to this that might help us. Otherwise, do as jimv7 says, but cut your system down to the barest necessary to start up by disconnecting any accessories that are not essential. Watch for any onscreen messages however brief they may be (I suspect you're not actually getting that far, but just in case!). Ensure that your motherboard isn't shorting the case (no reason why it should, unless you have a stray earthing or other lead rolling around, or perhaps a lost screw underneath?).

SGT BARNES - jumper back in place properly and checking it about 20 times over!

PA28 - The CPU is seated right.

We just had it boot, but the monitor didnt turn on, so we turned off undone monitor cable plugged back in, same old beep problem!?!?

  SGT BARNES 19:05 10 Nov 2003

has it got on board graphics

32mb sis grfx card

  PA28 19:12 10 Nov 2003

Take the graphics card out and then reseat it. If it's a PCI, try another slot. If AGP, just make sure it's right in.

done that! still same problem! lol this is really frustrating!

  Rtus 19:23 10 Nov 2003

check you havent inadvertantly put the cpu fan lead on to the wrong header?

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