clear a slave drive with a OS ??

  Morpheus© 08:58 07 Jun 2003

hi..i put a slave drive in transfered everything from the main drive onto it, so i could make it a spare master drive, unplugged and just left it in the PC, "in case i needed it" it now seems to be a waste.. how would I clear it so that it was all nice and lovely like it was when new, i believe just making back into a slave and deleting all things on it, it not the same, is it?

thanks for any help.....

  Diemmess 09:16 07 Jun 2003

Format the "Slave" drive.

Depending on your operating system you may not be able to run your old HD with its Windows and your new HD together...... If you can then in My Computer select the slave drive and click on File and then Format.

If you cannot run both drives together at present use the DOS approach

Be aware the old fashioned DOS format is final and can't be undone, so I suggest that to avoid confusion unplug your new HDD and plug in the old.

Boot from a floppy, and at the A:> prompt, type format C:

  Morpheus© 09:20 07 Jun 2003

thanks for that, the OS is win98se, could you just explain the "boot from floppy" thingy.


  Diemmess 18:49 07 Jun 2003

Have been off line doing non computer things.

You should have a setup floppy if not then perhaps a startup floppy.....

Either way, bung it in the slot and reboot your computer.

It should go through various clicks and pops and arrive at a black screen showing A:>

Now type format C: and accept the warning that it will wipe everything from C:............ This is why it is safe practice to disconnect your actual C: drive when the computer is off and cold!

Then the only upset is if you have partitioned the old slave drive to more than one partition.
If you have then you only need to wipe C: to be rid of the old O/S or perhaps the other DOS routine of FDISK if you want to clear all partitions.

The important thing is that your starting floppy
must have Format.exe on it. If it hasn't then find it somewhere in windows and copy it to the floppy before you start all this.

Hope this helps?

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