Clear 'My Postings'?

  K.H 20:48 26 Nov 2003


The 'My Postings' option on this website is getting really cluttered up, and i was wondering if there is any way of cleaning it out?



  VoG II 21:07 26 Nov 2003

Unfortunately there is no way of doing this.

  K.H 21:08 26 Nov 2003

Well never mind.

thanks for your help VoG


  powerless 21:12 26 Nov 2003

Actually its been done for you. (some)

  Pesala 23:07 26 Nov 2003

Just register again under a new name.

  VoG II 23:10 26 Nov 2003

I had thought of that but this would inflate the number of Registered Users. I'm sure PCA would'nt condone that.

  Forum Editor 23:24 26 Nov 2003

has always struck me as a pretty pointless operation. What anyone gains from it is beyond me - apart from being able to disguise themselves even more.

From time to time we prune the online side of the archive, and in fact we did it a few days ago. It helps to keep the page loading times down.

  The Spires 23:25 26 Nov 2003

I would like all my posting to be run through with a giant spellchecker/grammar/stupid postings remover device, or just delete them. :-)

  powerless 23:27 26 Nov 2003

Can i be renamed:

Forum Editor - Junior?

  VoG II 23:31 26 Nov 2003

Unfortunately, Powerless, this position is taken. 01:21 27 Nov 2003

I found this thread after the green tick. The 'My postings' link can be usefull at times but in the main, serves no purpose beyond the last two or three postings made. I do not acknowledge update information any more with 'Cheers mate', not through bad manners, but to stop my postings getting cluttered.

Although it is a handy feature for some, I think it takes up unnecessary server space.

Quick answer for Pesala: I have changed my user name a couple of times, but never re-registered. This is a trick used by other forum's admins and moderators to bump up their member tally (no names mentioned)!

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