Clear hard drive

  gmpy 21:18 30 May 2005

Hi I am running W98se and would like to clear evrything!! from my computor and install XP pro,then reinstall all my programs,I have copied all my address book and important documents to disk. I am a silver surfer not a computer wizz kid, can anyone hold my hand through this or should I find an expert??

  stalion 21:21 30 May 2005
  woodchip 21:22 30 May 2005

IF it's not too old a Computer you may be able to set the BIOS to boot from XP CD. You can then Format and load XP with the Disc.

  stalion 21:23 30 May 2005
  Totally-braindead 21:26 30 May 2005

woodchips idea is the easiest but one question though, what is the speed and how much memory does your PC have as XP needs a faster PC than 98 does. Not trying to confuse the issue just trying to make sure your PC is up to running XP as otherwisw theres no point.

  woodchip 21:32 30 May 2005

PS you should first check before the above to make sure your computer meets Specification for running XP click here

Also is your Printer and Other equipment XP Compatible. i.e can you get all the Drivers for you Hardware to run on XP

  Totally-braindead 20:51 31 May 2005

gmpy please reply on this thread rather than sending emails so the others can see what you've said.
From gmpy by email " Hi I read from the box; KT3 Ultra Via KT 333 chipset AMD 1800 cpu yes i do have the disks for Epson Photo 810 and the modem 56 hardware modem intel v92 56k PCi, does this seem OK de george".
AMD 1800 is more than fast enough for XP so it should be just a case of going ahead. Go to Woodchips link to check on your other hardware being compatible, your modem will be fine and the printer will be ok, but if you have a scannner check that its ok I've found that theres a lot of them, mine included that are not supported by XP but apart from that everything seems fine. Make sure you have the motherboard disk, it'll be marked something like KT Ultra or whatever. Once you install XP you must install the motherboard drivers from the disk before you do anything else,if you don't do this then some items may not work correctly, apart from that everything will probably be fine, you probably won't need any other disks as XP is very good at identifying and installing drivers but its good that you seem to have them all just in case, Windows 98 was sometimes a real pain regarding this XP is much better. Good luck and have fun, now I'm used to it I wouldn't go back to 98.

  Totally-braindead 23:44 31 May 2005

Just thought of one other thing gmpy, once you've installed XP and your motherboard drivers and your internet access DO NOT connect to the internet before you install whatever anti virus program you use and then immediatly update it, I just remembered that a PC I reinstalled XP on for a friend got hit with 2 or 3 viruses because I went on the net before I reinstalled his anti virus. Tried removing the viruses but ended up getting in a bit of a mess so ended up blanking and reinstalling again, so I learned my lesson there, I won't do that again wasted hours because of that. Its not a major thing but if you have to do it again because the same happens to you you'll end up kicking yourself.

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