CleanUp doesn't seem to do 'What it says on tin'

  Nosmas 19:50 09 May 2007

I have just run CleanUp (v 4.5.1) for the first time. I first ran it in Demo mode and it said that if run in live mode it would have deleted 23,165 files and freed up 1.8GB.

Great! I thought and ran it live, only to find that it had deleted 6,086 files freeing 595.1MB - a great disappointment. A second live run did nothing more, but a little later I ran a third live run and a further 29 files were deleted and minuscule space freed. I then ran another Demo run which told me that 154 files and 1.9MB would have been the result of a live run. So again I ran it live but only 33 files were deleted and 52KB freed space.

I just do not understand why the live results are so disappointingly different to those expected from the Demo runs. Does anyone have any similar experiences? Can anyone explain these differences.

I am particularly anxious to free up some space as my OS (XP (SP2)) and Diskeeper have both reported I am very low in free space. This may have been brought about by the problems I recounted in my previous post click here and I am still trying to find the answers/reasons for the sudden increase of 20,000 files.

  Technotiger 20:02 09 May 2007

Hi, have you run iObit SmartDefrag as suggested in your other thread?

Also, I guess you have already deleted Cookies and Files in Internet Options, and run Desktop cleanup wizard. Also in C:/Windows delete Temp folder. Every little helps!

  Technotiger 20:03 09 May 2007

PS - I use iObit SmartDefrag myself, and recommend it to other members. Beta! so is Skype and how many millions use that on a daily basis - me included.

  Nosmas 20:30 09 May 2007

Thanks for your suggestions. I was considering using iObit but cried off when I saw it is still in Beta. The illustrations on their website show Beta 1.1 but I believe it is now 2.1; it still seems to have been in Beta for a long time. I realise that many members recommend it and I may yet try it, but I would first of all like to know what is going on with CleanUp.

When I ran CleanUp, in the Options dialogue for BOTH the demo and live runs I only selected Delete Newsgroup Cache, Newsgroup Subscriptions and CleanUp! All Users, but got completely different results. The Demo mode is supposed to simulate the live run but not actually delete files, so I would expect the options selected to be obeyed in both the demo and live runs.

  Technotiger 21:01 09 May 2007

Sorry I can't help re Cleanup, I have never used it or even looked at it. I use, and recommend CCleaner click here so I can't comment on Cleanup.

  birdface 21:03 09 May 2007

Have you tried ,My computer,Right click C Drive, Properties,And run disc clean up, That should get rid of some more.

  skidzy 21:08 09 May 2007

Cleanup by Steven Gould can be set to how aggressive you wish it to be.

Is it possible your demo run reported the amount to be cleaned is on the aggressive mode,this is to be used with caution if using aggressive.

Recommended advice is to create a restore point before running Cleanup in aggressive mode and better still to create an image backup with something like Acronis TI 10.

  Nosmas 22:11 09 May 2007

Thanks buteman - I was prompted to run XP's Disk Cleanup just before the start of XP's defrag - see my other post referred to above - but haven't run it again since then.

Thanks skidzy - the only reference to 'aggressive' that I have seen in CleanUp Help is when the option 'Scan local drives for temporary files' is selected, and I am quite sure that option was not selected either for the demo or live runs. Is that what you are referring to?

I have just run another Diskeeper analysis and to my relief it is now showing 30% free, and is reporting 'The overall health of volume C: is not currently affected by fragmentation due to the low level of fragmentation'. That is much better news after the shock I had earlier today when my C drive free space was reportedly 0%.

I am still very puzzled though by the wildly different figures shown by CleanUp in Demo as opposed to Live mode. Further ideas from anyone please?

  ianeon 23:16 09 May 2007

"Demo"! "Live mode"! - which CLEANUP are you talking about?
I think people on here are talking about click here which is like Ccleaner, very good, free, efficient and safe

  Nosmas 00:14 10 May 2007

Yes I am talking about the one for which you have given a link. Once installed, clicking on Start > All Programs > CleanUp! gives a list: -

CleanUp! Which is the 'Live' program - actually deletes

CleanUp! (Demo Mode)

CleanUp! Help

CleanUp! Web Site


I note you say it is very good, free, efficient and safe, but how do you explain the discrepancies I have described?

  ianeon 04:49 10 May 2007

Good morning - Very interesting - I went down your route and got exactly the same kind of results - In demo mode 1451 files and614.8mb - In live mode 510 files and 104.8mb - I had always used a shortcut to access the programme and had never used the demo mode before - My apologises for doubting you - I ran Cleanup and then Ccleaner straight afterwards - Ccleaner didn't find anything extra to delete. I then reversed the procedure and got the same kind of result, nothing much extra to delete. - Sorry I can't explain why this should happen

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