cleaning TFT screens?

  diddi.ash 18:47 01 Nov 2003

whats the best thing to use to get finger marks off the tft flat screen moniter, ive wiped it over with a duster, but they are still there!

  JIM 19:01 01 Nov 2003

seemed the most sensible answere to me.

Cleaning TFT (LCD) Screens
Viglen Product Marketing give the following advice:

"For cleaning TFT screens, it is important to keep moistness off the unit because surplus liquid or foam can be easily "sucked" into the screen through capillary action. Once the moisture gets in there, it isn't coming out.

A bog-standard yellow duster is normally suitable. Really stubborn fingerprints and biro marks should be treated with care since pressure on the screen could damage the liquid crystal cell behind. If it's all getting too much, you can try spraying some screen cleaning fluid onto the cleaning cloth (avoiding having free liquid slopping about) and gently buff the screen."

NB It appears almost every manufacturer of TFT screens has their own - different - recommended method of cleaning! All agree that care must be taken not to put pressure on the screen, that use of abrasives (eg paper towels) should be avoided and that liquids should not be applied directly to the screen. Virtually all recommend against use of ammonia-based cleaners and solvents such as acetone.

Some suggest using a soft, lint-free cloth slightly moistened with just water, or dilute vinegar - but do check beforehand for cleaning instructions in the manual or on the manufacturer's web site.

  graham√ 19:08 01 Nov 2003

Fetch yer cloth, Granville!

  Fateful Shadow 19:43 01 Nov 2003

I had the same problem. I tried everything from wiping it with a dry cloth to using my dads lens cleaner (!)

However, I did find these wipes...not expensive at all and they do the job well. They even make the screen anti-static. (They have a lemony fragrence too :P)

They're made by Storex and you can get them from PC World.

Hope this helps :)

  flecc 20:05 01 Nov 2003

Camera shops have various lens cleaning products like wipes which are all designed not to attack lens coatings and are similarly safe on TFT plastics.

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