'cleaning' the registry

  mogwai 11:54 17 Aug 2003

I am trying a registry cleaning program on a trial basis. It is the first time I have used one just want to check programs of this type are safe to use? It creates a backup for me before I 'clean' so this should make it safe, it has found over 400 registry entries that can be cleaned, this seems alot to me but the PC is about 4 yrs old?!? Just want to check that this program wont harm my PC, the program is Registry First Aid

  JIM 12:12 17 Aug 2003

After 4 yrs the high number of entries is no suprise and as long as you have a back up ,see no problems.

If you do encounter problems make sure you understand how to retrieve from backup.

  Chris the Ancient 12:14 17 Aug 2003

Anything that goes probing into, and messing with, the registry is inherently dangerous and catastrophic! So much damage can be caused.

Personally, I would make a PROPER back up of the registry before playing with a Reistry Cleaner. I used such a cleaner - once. Thank goodness I did do a proper back up first because this supposedly neat little program wrecked a lot of stuff.

If it ain't broke, why bother fixing it?


  mogwai 12:30 17 Aug 2003

ok i guess ill leave it for now, does a registry full of obselete entries really slow down the PC that much anyway?

  powerless 15:31 17 Aug 2003

4 Years old.

Without a format and reinstall along the way?

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