Cleaning PC - Question re. RAM sticks please,

  AngeTheHippy 08:42 17 Nov 2007

Morning Chaps,
OK then. This morning DOESN'T see me do the Washin, OR Vacuuming, I'm gonna take the side of the PC for a good cleanout. Following my thread yesterday:
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This is the plan for today then. Qustion is this: I Cannibalised an old PC my Son gave me back in June - I removed a 512 DDR from that PC and put into mine to efectively double my RAM. I did notice though, just how filthy the RAM was! Is there a 'safe' way I can clean them please?



  MAJ 08:51 17 Nov 2007

As you've been inside a PC case before, you'll know to earth yoyrself first. Take the RAM module out, and, holding the module by the ends, being careful not to touch the gold contacts on the bottom and touching the chips on the sides as little as possible, give the module a clean with a dry, clean lint free duster, or if you have a can of compressed air, blow the dust away using that.

  AngeTheHippy 09:03 17 Nov 2007

I think I HAVE got a can of air somewhere! But, the dust on it seemed almost 'gluey' when I installed it... would the air shift that? I can't imagive WHAT he'd been doin with it to get like that ...



  MAJ 09:18 17 Nov 2007

the compressed air probably wont remove the gooey stuff, ange, (kids, eh? lol), you're gonna have to be a little more forceful with the clean, dry, cloth. Memory modules are, physically, quite strong so you wont 'break' it, but be careful with static.

  AngeTheHippy 09:21 17 Nov 2007

when u say 'clean dry cloth', what type of cloth? Kitchen paper is no good or Tissue I think... what wld u use?

The 'kid' by the way is 37 YEARS OLD!!! He does make me wonder at times though.....


  DieSse 09:34 17 Nov 2007

I do them with a stiffish brush with natural bristles - have done for years, never any problems.

Also I clean the contacts with a wipe over with kitchen roll/alcohol and sometimes a light rub with an eraser.

  MAJ 09:36 17 Nov 2007

Most ladies (my missus included) would say that a male of 37 is still a child really, lol.

If it was me cleaning my own modules, ange, and I have done it before with different cards, modems, usb cards, graphics cards, etc., personally I use a baby wipe which is slightly damp with lanolin (or something similar), I leave them to thoroughly dry, before refitting them, they usually evaporate dry fairly quickly. I've never had any problems so far but I'm careful and wouldn't recommend it on the forum normally, so if you want to give it a go...... But if the dirt isn't toooooooooo bad, a clean dry cotton cloth is what I use.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:38 17 Nov 2007

Women have all the required tools for cleaning a PC in their make up kits.

Small dusting brush to loosen dust from boards
Cotton buds for getting into crevices, and rubbing off the gooey stuff.
Chamfered stick (God knows what they use that for) is ideal for scrapping the fan blades.
Hairdyer on cold to blow out dust.

My daughter is now an expert at keeping her machine physically clean, just got to keep her off those chat rooms shopping sites and rintone sites that download all the virtual rubbish (spyware and spam).


  €dstowe 10:00 17 Nov 2007

I use old fashioned natural glued-in bristle pastry brushes - the ones with wooden handles. They are dead cheap and can be bought at ironmongers and (more expensive) at cook shops. Don't use a nylon brush with a plastic handle. Also avoid any brushes with metal ferrules (or any metal parts).

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