Cleaning up pc, do i need.../can you reccomend...

  Major Disaster 12:31 12 Aug 2005

Hey all,
Ive had my pc for a few years now and its accumalated a lot of junk, so im trying to give it a bit of a spring clean. I would appreciate if you could tell me if i need the following...
1. File called 8707e9f08f248e3ef04a15182c10c951 containing two folders (sp1 and sp2), acess is denie d to both, but the size is 0 bytes.
2. In documents and settings there are three administator folders called Administrator, Administrator.DELLBOY (dellboy = pc name) and Administrator.DELLBOY.000. Do i need the last 2 as i think these are as a result of using safe mode.
3. Files called Temp, WUTemp, Config.msi in C:\ all of which are 0 bytes.
4. In C:\WINDOWS Downloaded Installations (150 MB) that seems to contain install files for Adobe, Itunes, MSAS (multiple copies).
OR could anyone reccomens a free app to clean out junk (apart from CCleaner) and/or duplicate files.
Thanks again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:07 12 Aug 2005

1. 8707e9f08f248e3ef04a15182c10c951 containing two folders (sp1 and sp2) is the expanded folder for installing sp2 update, should have been deleted on completion of installing SP2. looks like you had a failed SP2 install at some point. DELETE IT.

3. These files can be deleted. Don't worry if they reappear later. CCleaner can be cofigured to delete files containing 0 bytes.

4. Do not delete the last (5.83mb) MSAS they contain spyware definitions, the rest co be deleted safely

Look under C:\windows you may have lots of files in blue starting with $ these are unistall points created as windows installs update these take up alot of space and can be dlete if your PC is working correctly after updates have been installed.

Temporary File Cleaners:-
Crap Cleaner click here
CleanUp! click here
Empty temp folders click here
4DISKCLEAN click here

CClener is still the best and safest to use.

  Major Disaster 16:50 12 Aug 2005

Thankyou very much for your response Fruit Bat /\0/\.

Just wondering about deleting old blue $ files, there are two that i am not sure about. Can i delete $hf_mig$ (not blue) and $xpsp1hfm$ (blue but different looking file name from the others).

And how can you configure ccleaner to clean 0 byte files? i cant seem to find that option. Should i have "only delete files older than 48 hours in windows temp file" checked or not?

Any ideas about the folders Administrator.DELLBOY and Administrator.DELLBOY.000?

Thanks again for the help

  Major Disaster 16:58 12 Aug 2005

Also, having a quick look through C:\WINDOWS and found MOHAA Screen Saver No sound. I think this may be left over from when i had Medal Of Honor Allied Assualt installed. Does this seem plausable? And so safe to delete (even though the file is in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM).

  Major Disaster 13:12 15 Aug 2005

Any help is much appreciated...

  Happy Soul 13:40 15 Aug 2005

Crap Cleaner is very good but to be a bit more thorough try another freebie click here

  Strawballs 20:38 15 Aug 2005

click here install this and go to tools > registry cleanup > do them all it will scan your registry and highlight any entry that is not linked to anything which can be deleted, I have been using this for years now and have never had any trouble, even if you do it makes a backup that can be restored.

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