Cleaning new TFT monitor

  caast ©™ 20:15 04 Mar 2003

I got a TFT monitor a couple of months ago and the screen is getting grubby.

I have been reluctant to clean it because if you touch the screen it gives out a ripple effect, as if it is squashy underneath, and I am afraid I may damage it.

Is it safe to clean and do I require any special cleaning materials?

  Djohn 20:22 04 Mar 2003

The general opinion seems to be, use a very mild soapy solution with a soft cloth, well rung out, so that it is damp only! and then buff with a soft dry cotton cloth.

At all times using light pressure, with the monitor switched off. J.

  misery 20:32 04 Mar 2003

totally with Djohn

  caast ©™ 20:41 04 Mar 2003

thanks will give it a go

  Gaz 25 22:06 04 Mar 2003

Avaliable at any computer store.

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