Cleaning up my WINNT folder.

  WrathMaster 15:55 27 Apr 2003

How do I know what files I need in the C:\WINNT folder because I'm sure there is nuff stuff in there that is out of date or not in use and I want to clean up my computer a bit.
Please note I'm not very experienced so could you describe what to do in simple terms or give me some instructions.
Thanks very much.

  AndySD 17:17 27 Apr 2003

Removing anything from the winnt folder can cause xp to stop responding. Be very very carefull when playing with this folders contents.

  temp003 03:27 28 Apr 2003

The WINNT folder is the default Windows directory for certain operating systems, like NT and Windows 2000. It contains the main operating system files and folders, and some files which are placed there by the programs you have installed. You should not delete anything there unless you know what you're doing, as Andy SD said.

The only thing that I am sure you can delete from the WINNT folder, is certain "uninstall" folders, but still you should not delete them rashly.

These folders contain old system files which have been backed up when you install a Windows update (for those updates which can be uninstalled). If the update causes problems, you can uninstall the update, and Windows will reinstate the old backed up system files from the uninstall folders.

These are hidden folders (and probably protected operating system files). Depending on your view settings in Windows Explorer, you may or may not see them. A Windows hotfix uninstall folder is typically called C:\WINNT\$NtUninstallQ123456$

For the updates which can be uninstalled, there should be entries in Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, such as the Windows hotfixes starting with a Q number, or a particular service pack, at the end of the programs list.

If you have downloaded and installed an update, given it enough time to see that it has no adverse effect on the computer, you can remove the uninstall option in Add/Remove Programs (by editing the registry), and delete the corresponding "uninstall" folders in the WINNT folder.

But remember that a deletion of an uninstall folder should be accompanied by editing the Windows registry. If you don't like the idea of editing the registry, you should not delete the folders.

For Windows 2000, there have been over 20 hotfixes after SP3. I don't know what your OS is, but you could have a lot of these folders taking up disk space.

If you are really short of disk space, and you want to delete some of these uninstall folders, post back and I can tell you how.

Otherwise take Andy SD's advice.

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