Cleaning Keyboard

  herman1rg 17:31 05 Jul 2004

My key board has been subject to the occasional splash from tea etc and while the surfaces of the keys can be cleaned there is an accumulation of mucky stuff under the keys which i looking awful. Is it possible to clean under the keys or even remove them and clean??

  Stuartli 17:51 05 Jul 2004

You could take the keys off on an individual basis but you've then got to get them back on again - if there's a spring that's gone flying across the room when the key has been removed or proving a bit tricky to reassemble afterwards.....:-)

Keep the tea and coffee away and, in the meantime, run a small child's paintbrush along the channels made by the keys and then in between individual keys. An air spray aerosol might get some of the muck out first.

You can clean the keyboard itself with a weak solution of household multipurpose cleaner (Mr Muscle Orange or similar) used on a cloth squeezed almost dry first. It also works well on system and monitor cases.

  Dorsai 18:04 05 Jul 2004

Is there any reason why the keyboard could not be vacuumed? I am not suggesting to actually do it, as there may ba a valid reason not to. I find it fairly effective to turn mine upside down and give it a shake. Plenty just fell out now.

  hugh-265156 18:05 05 Jul 2004

as above use a clean paint brush to loosen the fluff and any crumbs etc in between the keys and then turn it over and tap it a few times and most of the gunk should fall out. i also hoover mine but be careful not to suck the keys off :-)

i use wet wipes and a cotton bud stick with the cotton removed to get in between the keys clean.

  jz 18:20 05 Jul 2004

I've taken a couple of keyboards apart and given then a good clean. It's a bit fiddly, and if you're not careful, some of the keys fall out (this happened to me the first time I did it, but it didn't take too long to get them back in the right place again). There weren't any springs in the ones I fixed, just rubbery things, so no problem of anything flying across the room. In both cases, before cleaning, one of the keys had to be pressed hard for it to work, and after the cleaning, the problems were completely fixed. Both keyboards are still working well, and I cleaned one around two years ago, so it was a long-lasting fix.

Someone advised me beforehand to buy a new keyboard instead, but I hate waste and the thought of something else going to landfill, so I thought I'd have a go at fixing first.

  Dorsai 18:23 05 Jul 2004

To clean the top of the keys i lay sheets of kitchen towl over the keyboard, two deep, and spray it with a very small amount of glass cleaner (just enough to wet the towl through),(having already dampened a sheet corner 1st and tried it on one key to make sure it does not lift off the letter or attack the plastic of the keyboard) i then gently rub each key in turn through the towl. i dont moove the sheet around, and that way it avoids the towl breaking up and depositing little scraps of wet paper between the keys. it also means each key is cleaned by a clean bit of the paper towl. Just don't wet it too much as you DONT want any liquid actually running through into the works.

  polymath 21:24 05 Jul 2004

My environment's quite dusty, but since stowing my keyboard on end when not in use, facing slightly downwards, dust & fluff doesn't build up so much. I should think parking them upside down would be even better for letting dust fall out regularly.

Best not to do it while the computer's still shutting down - I used to do that, but got a beep sometimes - somewhat worrying, till I realised the system was just protesting at an unintended key press!

  SANAP 21:28 05 Jul 2004

Best method is to get a can of compressed air, PC WORLD, and then thatb will blast out the bits and pieces. Turn upside first and let the lose bits fall out.

Once done clean as above.


  Dorsai 21:36 05 Jul 2004

I don't turn mine upside down, good idea though, but i do push it under the shelf the VDu sits on (when PC turned off). the gap is about 4 inches...helps keep the dust out.

  mammak 22:00 05 Jul 2004

herman1rg Hi' as Dorsai turn it up side down an give it a tap' its amazing what falls out lol(with a 7 yr old and crisps i do it daily)
and as huggyg71 says a wet wipe gets rid of all the sticky muckey mark's ect'
failing that get the Dyson out lol,
but make sure ur comp is of.
Regards Mammak.

  Robotic_Rob 22:32 05 Jul 2004

Why dont you unscrew the back and pull it all apart? So long as u dont bugger summut up you can easierly put it back together. And when you have pulled it apart its very easy to pop the keys out and back in.

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