Cleaning ink tank on Brother DCP-135C printer?

  spuds 15:08 14 Dec 2015

I have a Brother DCP-135C printer, which I suspect requires the ink tank cleaning.

Having looked on Google,there are a number of suggestions regarding 'resetting', but known of the ideas seem to work. So I suspect that it is now time for a dismantling job, to get to the ink tank.

Can anyone offer advice on this particular Brother DCP-135C model dismantle procedure, or direct me to a website covering this issue.

As always, any help appreciated.

  compumac 15:22 14 Dec 2015

Could be very messy as I found out when doing this, albeit it was an HP printer.

  spuds 15:37 14 Dec 2015


Thanks for response. I did attempt this with another printer a few years back,so this time I hope that I am well prepared,if I get the information, on dismantling the printer. Last time, I managed to break a few plastic lugs in the process. Wasn't a very happy bunny.

Been in touch with Brother, and they have recommended purchasing another printer, which I am now looking into.

  spuds 09:20 15 Dec 2015

I have managed to find two YouTube videos on the subject. It would appear that head cleaning is rather simple, but the dismantling is a little more complexed, via the video shown, which is a similar model to the Brother DCP-135C printer.

In the meantime, I have purchased another printer, and will most likely dismantle the printer in question, time permitting.

For anyone interested, here are the two video's I refer to: click here click here ticked and dusted.


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