Cleaning ink jet

  Graham ® 09:57 09 Dec 2004

cartridge holders. I have refilled the colour and black cartridges, but as the printer has not been used for a year the cartridge holder 'holes' appear to be blocked.

Has anyone successfully cleaned these? Methylated Spirits, hot water or even steam?

  rawprawn 10:04 09 Dec 2004

I once read that you can soak them in warm water, but I have never tried it. Hasn't the machine got it's own cleaning mechanism ?

  Graham ® 10:16 09 Dec 2004

Thanks, I'll try that.

The cleaning mechanism consists of wiping over a rubber flap and a brush!

  Graham ® 10:26 09 Dec 2004

Google tells me it's Isopropyl Alcohol in new money. I will search for a supplier. Might be more than a new holder + cartridges, though.

  Graham ® 10:56 09 Dec 2004

Thanks, both. I was just going to look at Maplins!

  Graham ® 11:47 09 Dec 2004

Thanks, I will try them.

  Graham ® 14:23 09 Dec 2004

Boots don't stock it.

rawprawn, the warm water is coming through coloured...

I just filled the slots, I don't think soaking the whole thing is a good idea, it's got electronics inside.

  rawprawn 14:51 09 Dec 2004

I think it just meant the little "felt" ends, I think that through irregular use they can dry up which stops them working and warm water is meant to free them up. The article I read was someone complaining that his printer wouldn't work but that there was still ink in the cartriges, and this was a suggested solution. As I said I have not tried it, but my cartridges don't have any electronics inside just a resevoir and what looks to be like a piece of felt which extends to the business end.

  Stuartli 14:57 09 Dec 2004

My eight-year-old (nearly nine) has a self-cleaning sequence for one, two, three or all four of its separate ink cartridges - it's done by a combination of pressing the buttons used to set various modes for the printer.

A visit to the website of your printer manufacturer should reveal a manual download or an explanation of what is required to do from Support/Downloads or FAQ.

  Graham ® 15:11 09 Dec 2004

Thanks, the cleaning sequence command is not a problem, but as my 10:16, 'The cleaning mechanism consists of wiping over a rubber flap and a brush!' That, unfortunately, will not unbung dried ink.

  Graham ® 21:29 09 Dec 2004

The warm (not hot or soapy) water is working, thanks.

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