cleaning a hard drive

  smudge6521 09:42 04 Jan 2011

I am about to sell a laptop but want to leave the operating system intact and office package whats the best way of ensuring all my other documents are properley erased prior to me selling the laptop on thanks for any advise

  proudfoot 10:54 04 Jan 2011

If you have the O/S disc I would suggest scrubbing the H/D with a copy of Eraser from this link. click here and carry out multiple passes. Then reinstall the O/S.
Alternatively use Eraser to erase each file or folder individually.
I would not be happy with this method if there is sensitive information on the drive.

  john bunyan 14:03 04 Jan 2011

If you uninstall and delete the stuff you want to remove, CCleaner (free) has an option to wipe the drive thoroughly. In CCleaner,First use registry cleaner, then select "Tools" / "Drive Wiper" then select either NSA or gutman. Th latter may be OTT, but both take a long time and wipe traces of stuff you have deleted.

  Bob Exeter 14:12 04 Jan 2011

I would suggest you use "Kill Disk" a free download from say Google.
Create a CD Rom from the programme and follow prompts. This action will completely clean the drive so that the purchaser will have a fresh disk to establish a new operating system be it XP or Windows 7. I have used this method on my rig when all else failed and made a complete reinstal

Bob Exeter

  961 14:56 04 Jan 2011

I'd wipe the disk completely because that's basically the only way to ensure everything has gone (bar putting a hammer through it)

If you don't have a disk to reinstall the operating system then let the buyer arrange that. It's not hard to get an inexpensive full version disk of XP from someone who has ditched a computer when buying new with W7 already installed

  [email protected] 13:23 08 Jan 2011

If all you want to do is securely delete your documents, then this software should suffice - click here

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