Cleaning the computer?

  thedogisdead2 12:28 17 Oct 2004

Do any of you clean the inside of the computer?

I've looked inside mine and there's dust and fluff EVERYWHERE! Do I need to sort this out? Is it a hazard? Any tips on cleaning without damaging my machines private parts?!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:32 17 Oct 2004

Use a vac to suck out most of the fluff. Then clean fan blades etc. with a Q-tip and use the vac again (helps if you have a soft brush attachment). Naturally a modicum of care is required.


  Giggle n' Bits 12:35 17 Oct 2004

Keeping the inards dust free is vital on a pc. Especially if Fans get blocked.

A small paint brush and a thin nozzle end Vac to suck up the dust is ideal but you have to be "VERY CAREFUL" using the Vac inside hte pc. Suck up a jumper cap or knock a transitor could be a killer to the system.

You can get a can of Aire Spray and blow the dust out.

Main place apart from the bottom of the case having hair balls is the CPU area and memory down the edge if you happy with removing components it will make your job easier.

If the build up of dust in fans is compacted dust then replace the fans.

Also check the fans are spinning especially if theres one on the AGP Graphics Card also.

I could right a book but keep it simple. Get the dust out.

Carefull Though.

Any loose dangling cables tie up. Elastic Bands are a waste of time, get some geniune Cable Ties.

  thedogisdead2 12:36 17 Oct 2004

Thank you, most enlightening!

  Dorsai 12:40 17 Oct 2004

yes. If you use the vac (and i do) i open the little hole on the side of the hose, to decrease the suction. dont want to suck anything important off.

I find a small artist's brush, the soft type with the long thin handel, handy for getting into hard to reach fans/heatsinks etc.

Remember to unplug from the mains (obviously).

  CurlyWhirly 17:11 17 Oct 2004

I have bought a specialist mini vacuum cleaner that runs on batteries (from my local PC shop) and even though it is not as powerful as using an ordinary vacuum cleaner I know that using this there is NO danger of sucking up mother board components!
It works surprisingly well on sucking up the dust.

  spuds 17:55 17 Oct 2004

I like many other people have recommended the old vaccuum cleaner way. But the other day, it came to notice that this method may cause static problems. Makes you think what is right and what is wrong nowadays.

One suggestion that I would consider:Make sure that the suction or interior cleaning doe's not loosen any components, or tugs on any cables etc.Check before you re-assemble the case.

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