cleaning CD-R drive

  Deniset 12:06 09 Dec 2005

I've suddenly got a problem writing files to a CD. Bought a CD cleaner disc and used this, but it hasnt worked. Do I need to buy a new drive, if so, how much would they cost.?

  SG Atlantis® 12:08 09 Dec 2005

"I've suddenly got a problem writing files to a CD"

Fancy giving us a bit more information?

What kind of computer?
Which os?
which make of drive?
what disks did you use?
what software did you burn with?
what are the errors you're getting?

As for price £30 to £35 for a dvd rewriter from PCWorld.

  Deniset 12:26 09 Dec 2005

Was trying to write word documents to a CD-RW (Sony) so no burning involved.
Computer was made up for me specifically it says multi media computer system, the writing on CD drive says 52x24x52, so it is not a commercial brand.
On the cleaner disc it said your CD drive may be dirty or Real player not installed correctly.
Dont know what os is !

  Stuartli 12:59 09 Dec 2005

It's rare for a CD/DVD-ROM or rewriter drive to require cleaning of the laser as such units are very well sealed.

The more likely reason is that you have connections that are not firm enough or, more uncommonly, that the laser itself whether that for the CD or DVD reading, has given up the ghost.

Try Removing the drive(s) in Device Manager and then Rebooting. Windows will install new hardware along with the basic CDROM driver which is all that is required (burning programs such as Nero control the actual use and operation of a rewriter drive).

  SG Atlantis® 14:38 09 Dec 2005

OS = operating system.

Do you have nero or other burning software. have you tried using just cd-r? CD-RW can be notoriously unreliable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:18 09 Dec 2005

Stuartli is correct CD RW are very unreliable most of us have moved onto writing on CD R in multisesions until the disc is full.

uninstall and reinstal the IDE channel the drive is on(resets into DMA )this should also reinstall the divers.

If the laser has failed then a new DVD RW drive is approx £30 and a straight swap for your old unit

  Deniset 16:34 09 Dec 2005

Do you mean just use a Cd-r disk?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 09 Dec 2005

Yes use an ordinry CD R disk (very cheap nowadays) and using Roxio or Nero copy in Multisession.

This allows you to record a track to the disk containing your data. Next time you want to add data to the disk it will write another track.

  SG Atlantis® 16:55 09 Dec 2005

that's what I said at my post of 14.38pm

lol. let us know how you get on...

  Deniset 17:33 09 Dec 2005

well, as a newbie, didnt know that, will buy some CD-R. Update on writing. Tried to write to 2 disks, no joy, then all of a sudden was able to write to the 3rd one, so hopefully situation is resolved. I am impressed with the speedy responses and thank you all so much, will get back to the forum if any more problems, such joy when everything works how it should!!!!

  Stuartli 13:16 10 Dec 2005

If you use Nero in multisession form, which Fruit Bat /\0/\ mentions and I use to keep convenient groups of pix files, programs and utilities etc, do make sure that each time you add to the multisession disk that you Save each time afterwards. A box will appear asking if you wish to save the title name - click Yes.

Otherwise you will/may find that some files may not be able to be read or are even listed...:-)

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