lisaken 11:50 30 Sep 2008

hi my daughter was given a pc,the only thing is that everything need's deleting would i beable to do it or is it to complicated thanks

  rawprawn 11:58 30 Sep 2008

You can do it yourself, but what do you mean "Everything" data and programs, or the whole operating system.
If you can tell us what is on it I'm sure we can help.

  birdface 12:07 30 Sep 2008

[everything needs deleting] Only delete things that you will not need.If you delete anything to do with the operating system the computer will not work.If you have made a list of the things not needed just go to Control panel.Add Remove.And remove them from there.If you want to delete user accounts.Make sure that she opens a new account first with computer administrator rights on it.then she can remove the rest of the accounts.

  provider 2 12:14 30 Sep 2008

Is this what you had in mind?

click here

  birdface 12:15 30 Sep 2008

Once you have removed everything that was not wanted.And you have rebooted the computer if you download and run C Cleaner that will get rid of a lot of the crap that is left. click here Like rawprawn says let us know what you want to remove.

  lisaken 12:20 30 Sep 2008

yeh but it doesn't av a control panel

  birdface 12:29 30 Sep 2008

That looks like a good program.Is it just for new computers or will it do the same job on an old computer.Is it any better than C Cleaner,If so I may give it a try.

  birdface 12:33 30 Sep 2008

I am using XP assumed you were using the same.Are you using Vista.If so I will leave it for someone else to help as I have very little knowledge of Vista.

  lisaken 12:33 30 Sep 2008

i want to remove the windows xp and reinstall it and things like i tunes and things in my computer if that makes sense

  provider 2 12:53 30 Sep 2008


It`s mainly for new computers that come loaded with all sorts of crippled versions of trial progs these days, especially Dell and now Sony, I think.

It`s not the same as Ccleaner in that it runs, tells you what it has found in the way of known advertising-to-encouage-you-to-buy stuff and gives you the option to remove it (and itself as well which is a nice touch).

I used it on my neighbours new MCE Dell but had to back it up with the RevoUnistaller because it failed to get rid of RoxWatch Tray9, a Roxio thing, I believe.

Apart from that, it worked well enough and this is a newer version.

  tullie 12:59 30 Sep 2008

Boot from XP cd,reformat and reinstall,just follow the prompts.

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