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Cleaners and fixers

  Truronian 18:59 08 Oct 2008

I have had problems with my Norton systemworks so I uninstalled it and tok advice from a local computer shop to use Ccleaner and Defragler. Any comments from any users, please? Is it safe for those programs to remove "unwanted clutter" and fix problems automatically, or are they best left alone?

  chub_tor 19:09 08 Oct 2008

Did you run the Norton uninstall tool click here if not download it and run it to make sure that all evidence of Norton is removed.

CCleaner is a good tool and used by many forum members.

Have you installed a new antivirus programme? If not then Avast is free click here and also used by many forum members.

  Truronian 19:22 08 Oct 2008

Yes, I have Niorton Internet Security running. The problem was only with Systemworks.Is the Ccleaner registry cleaner safe to use or do i need to know what I am doing?

  chub_tor 19:24 08 Oct 2008

CCleaner registry cleaner is safe to use, you are given the option of saving the registry before you make the changes. I do it but have never had to go back in all the years that I have used it.

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